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Hespress a été crée en 2007, par les Freres Guennouni,  Hassan et Amin. Hassan EL Guennouni en est aujourd'hui le Directeur Général et Amin son Directeur de Publication. Hespress is considered the most popular news website in Morocco. 

The site’s popularity is in part due to the fact that it was a precursor of the online Arabic-language press in the country. It is very active on social media and has managed overtime to attract a large span of readers, in part due to a wide editorial line, that covers all tendencies, thanks to an interactive ‘commentary section’ and the participation in the media of external contributors. It has also built its fame on a diversified video content. 

It is edited by the limited liability company Marocads, with a capital of 300 000 dollars, whose only shareholders are the above mentioned founders, the El Guennouni brothers. 

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Ce média est détenu par Marocads, une S.A au capital de 300 000 US dollars.

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Mohamed El Amin El Guennouni| Hassane El Guennouni


Hassane El Guennouni

Rédacteur en chef

Mohamed El Amin El Guennouni


70, avenue Maghrib Al Arabi

Rabat, Morocco

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Information obtenue par email du co-fondateur H. El Guennouni .

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